"Land Escapes"

A Celebration of Landscape
October & November 2019

“I depart early for the forest; I return late, a bit tired…I seek the nature of the beautiful oaks of the forest.” wrote the artist Camille Corot.

In nineteenth century France artists and tourists were drawn to the forest of Fontainbleau and Barbizon to escape the stress of modern life in the cities and commune with nature.

Nichols Galleries in Barboursville presents a timely exhibition in October and November, concentrating on the importance of landscape to our well-being and in relation to our need for a retreat from everyday stress. Today we try to get outside, away from the screens. Artists include Ron Boehmer, Frank Hobbs, Tom Tartiglino, Frederick Nichols and others.

Frederick Nichols Studio & Annex Gallery are located at 5420 Governor Barbour Street, Barboursville, Va. The galleries are open by chance or appointment and Thursday through Sunday, 11 to 5.