Sky Paintings

February 1st - March 25th

The great English landscape painter, John Constable, said the “chief organ of sentiment in a painting is the sky.” In other words, the sky in a landscape painting is the part that establishes all the rest of the painting. A noon day sky gives a strong cast to the countryside, buildings and people. A sunset sky gives a softer light and an early morning sky gives a brighter light. Cloudy skies, winter skies, summer, hazy skies and twillght skies all change the tone and color of the landscape.

With the popularity of “plein aire” or outdoor painting artists are more than ever concerned with skies, atmosphere and weather conditions and how they effect the light and color of the natural world. Nichols Galleries is exhibiting paintings that concentrate on skies during February and March by artists including Ron Boehmer, David Wissler, Gray Dodson and Frederick Nichols.