Art about Color, From Abstract to Real

curated by Beth Nichols
March 12th through May 17th

The exhibition will explore the many ways in which contemporary artists use color in their work.  Steve Griffin describes his large abstract “Strata” paintings as including “all of the traditional visual elements of composition, shape, texture and color.  Of these- color is the single most important element. The minimal compositions, using broad and narrow horizontal stripes, are simply the framework that supports the color relationships.” “The color of nature” is the subject of Frederick Nichols’ paintings.  “Landscape is felt through atmospheric colors – the color of light from different seasons and times of day.”  Rob Browning places “brightly colored and brightly lit objects against dark backgrounds, using the darkness as a tool to give importance to color,” while realist artist John Murray uses color “to maximize the effects and intensity” of his work.

Many realist artists like to create monochromatic drawings as a tool for the study of color values.  Pat Cook and Philip Koch will be exhibiting some of their drawings, as well as vibrant oil paintings.  Other exhibiting artists include Ray Kass, Lillian Fitzgerald, Lindsay Nolting, Carlysle Vicenti and Priscilla Whitlock.