Pat Cook, John Hughes, & Priscilla Whitlock

curated by Beth Nichols
April 2 through May 29

During April & May, Nichols Gallery Annex in Barboursville is featuring the work of three prominent Virginia artists whose work ranges from real to sublime. In her figurative paintings, Pat Cook, whose work in watermedia has earned international recognition, captures "that moment when there is a connection between individuals, leaving to the viewer to determine whether it is intimacy, friendship, or a chance encounter." John Hughes grew up in the coastal wetlands and pine barrens of Southern New Jersey. He draws on his memories of playing in these remote areas as he interprets the landscape of Virginia. "I am drawn," says Hughes, "to places where textures seem to collide and abstract forms emerge. The viewer, in my paintings, often finds himself suspended between the familiar and the unseen." Plein Air painter Priscilla Whitlock begins in the field with small oil studies. "I like to see what possibilities there are for further investigation," she states. ôLarger pieces are started outside and moved into the studio. As the scale changes, the subject matter is more about the physicality and energy of the painting and less about the 'scenery.' My interest interest is in the challenge of interpreting the landscape into painted painted marks, shapes, and color."

Conversation XCII
Looking West, McCormick Gap
James River

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