"Three Realists"

curated by Beth Nichols
October 1st through November 28th

In October and November, Nichols Gallery Annex is featuring "Three Realists," sculpture and paintings by Thomas Marsh, John Murray, and Tom Tartaglino. A classical figurative Sculptor, Thomas Marsh is exhibiting at Nichols Gallery for the first time. He moved to this area four years ago from California, where he was a well-known sculptor and Instructor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Rooted in allegorical themes, Marsh intends his sculptures to invoke a sense of awe, "draw the viewer's attention to human personhood, for the glory of God." By Contrast, John Murray's richly painted still lifes and figures focus on the mundane: a peeled lemon on a fence; a woman resting in her bedroom; peaches casually spilling from a bowl. Figures and landscapes are the focus of Tom Tartaglino's work. " My attempt is to paint through realism the psychological truth of my subjects or some form there of. It's a tricky course and very challenging, but one gets to be a good observer this way. There is much to paint," says Tom.

City Limits
Gracia by John Murray
P.M. by Thomas Marsh