curated by Beth Nichols
August 7th through September 26th

Water is as important to landscape artists as it is to human beings in general . "Water is the primary means through which artists create a sense of movement in their paintings," says artist Frederick Nichols. "Reflections in water give artists an opportunity to study light and color, and create illusions in their work." This summer Nichols Gallery is featuring an exhibition of "Waterscapes" by regional artists, including Durwood Dommisse, Greg Hennen, Frank Hobbs, John Hughes, Lindsay Nolting, and Maruta Racenis. From the fluid abstractions by Ray Kass to the realistic landscapes of Ron Boehmer, the exhibit will explore the many ways artists find inspiration in water.

"Waterscapes" will be on exhibit at Nichols Gallery Annex August 7th through September 26th. Located in Barboursville, near the intersection of Routes 20 and 33 on the Albemarle/Orange County Line, Nichols Galleries are open seven days a week by chance or appointment and Thursday through Sunday 11am to 5pm. For information call 540-832-3565.

Sunday Afternoon
River Bend
River Series #3
Sherando Lake
Strata #19, detail
Pond Reflection
Hedge and Gull
Salt Marsh
Shallow Bend
Rockfish River from Farrar Bridge
Meandering River
Beaver Dam I
The Shallows
Autumn, Lake Shimmer
Milton Falls