"The Frank/Martin Show"

in conjunction with Steven Francis Fine Art

April 22, 2022 - June 25, 2022
Reception: Saturday, 4/23/22, 11am to 5pm

Frank Hobbs Monotype Demonstration
Saturday, April 23, 2022, 1 :30 pm

Frank Hobbs, Professor of Art at Ohio Wesleyan University, is a painter, print•maker, and draftsman. Originally from Lynchburg, he has an M.F.A. from American University and is co-founder of the Beverley Street Studio in Staunton, Virginia.

Martin Geiger, studied in Philadelphia for four years at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and now lives in Staunton, Virginia. He is an assistant at Bronzecraft Foundry in Waynesboro, as well as being an award-winning painter and an instructor at the Beverley Street Studio School.

Past Shows:

"Land Escapes"

A Celebration of Landscape
October & November 2019

“I depart early for the forest; I return late, a bit tired…I seek the nature of the beautiful oaks of the forest.” wrote the artist Camille Corot.

In nineteenth century France artists and tourists were drawn to the forest of Fontainbleau and Barbizon to escape the stress of modern life in the cities and commune with nature.

Nichols Galleries in Barboursville presents a timely exhibition in October and November, concentrating on the importance of landscape to our well-being and in relation to our need for a retreat from everyday stress. Today we try to get outside, away from the screens. Artists include Ron Boehmer, Frank Hobbs, Tom Tartiglino, Frederick Nichols and others.

Frederick Nichols Studio & Annex Gallery are located at 5420 Governor Barbour Street, Barboursville, Va. The galleries are open by chance or appointment and Thursday through Sunday, 11 to 5.

Flowers in Art

May 1 - May 26th

From Roman times Spring has been a popular subject for artists. During the Renaissance, Botticelli painted a famous painting of the rites of Spring called “Primavera,” depicting the goddess Flora spreading flowers around the world. Artists have explored the plants and flowers and colors that signify a dramatic change of season and give hope for a new future.

As part of their annual Flowers in Art show Nichols Galleries presents an exhibition of paintings, photographs and prints that explore the renewal of the natural world around us during the season of Spring.

Exhibiting Artists include: Robert Lewellyn, Richard Crozier, John Murray, Frederick Nichols, Tom Tartaglino and others.

Plein Air Paintings

February & March, 2019

oil by Gray Dodson

Plein air is a term derived from the French that refers to paintings done on location outdoors as a technique to study the landscape. The Impressionists were the early major proponents of working in front of their subject. Ironically, the invention of photography by artists as a means to capture a “drawing” of the subject led artists to explore other ways of approaching their paintings. The exhibition features the work of well-known artists such as Ron Boehmer, Frank Hobbs, Gray Dodson, and Richard Crozier who use the outdoors as a studio with which to capture the light and color of the landscape around us. The Plein Air Paintings will be on exhibit February through March at Nichols Gallery Annex.

Small Works Show

Paintings and Prints and Photographs
December 2018 - January 2019

Nichols Gallery Annex
The small or intimate size artwork is often more experimental and adventurous than the larger paintings and prints that artists create. They are sometimes studies for larger, more expansive works and commissions . During December and January, Nichols Gallery Annex presents a holiday exhibit of small works by ten gallery artists Including, Ron Boehmer, Nancy Bass, and Gray Dodson.

Frederick Nichols Studio
The print, Autumn Waterfall was created at Nichols’ Studio in 1979. It was the first of over 60 prints created by Frederick Nichols during the 40 years he has been in his Studio i in Barboursville. We will celebrate this holiday season and coming year with special printmaking events and will create a large new print to mark the anniversary. An ongoing exhibition of the prints will continue throughout the new year.

Nichols Galleries are located at 5420 Governor Barbour Street in Barboursville. The Galleries are open Thursday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm, and by chance or appointment. For more information call 540-832-3565 or visit our website at www.frednichols.com.

Nancy Bass
At the Barn
oil, 12" x 12"

Philip Koch
The Reach

John Hancock
Spring Sentinels
11" x 14"

Ken Templeton
Fall Festival, Carters Mountain

John Murray
Coffee Pot on Blue
12" x 16"

John David Wissler

Ron Boehmer
Silver Shrubs, June
11" x 14"

Todd Brown
8" x 10"

John Hancock

Fred Nichols

Philip Koch

Towards Abstraction

August 2nd - September 30th, 2018

Leonardo da Vinci in his advice to artists famously said: “Look at walls splashed with a number of stains, or stones of various mixed colours. If you have to invent some scene, you can see there resemblances to a number of landscapes, adorned with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, great plains, valleys and hills in various ways.” At the time this was a new way of looking for “marvelous ideas,” and ”various inventions.”

Today many artists work with the ideas of abstraction in their paintings to provide a path to new discoveries. Some of the most interesting subjects for artists are accidents, patterns, textures, drips and distortions.

This August and September, Nichols Galleries presents an exhibition of gallery artists who explore the benefits of abstraction in their work, including Steve Griffin, Lillian Fitzgerald, Maruta Recenis and Philip Koch.

“Towards Abstraction" will be on exhibit August 2nd through September 30th. Nichols Galleries are located at 5420 Governor Barbour Street in Barboursville. The Galleries are open Thursday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm, and by chance or appointment.

Rivers & Mountains

June 1st - July 29th

Rivers and Mountains are the theme of Nichols Galleries' Summer Show. Specially curated paintings and prints, concentrating on the landscape features of waterways and mountains, will be exhibited by well known Virginia artists, including Ron Boehmer, Frank Hobbs, Tom Tartaglino, John Murray, Frederick Nichols, and others.

The exhibit continues through July 29th.

Sky Paintings

February 1st - March 25th

The great English landscape painter, John Constable, said the “chief organ of sentiment in a painting is the sky.” In other words, the sky in a landscape painting is the part that establishes all the rest of the painting. A noon day sky gives a strong cast to the countryside, buildings and people. A sunset sky gives a softer light and an early morning sky gives a brighter light. Cloudy skies, winter skies, summer, hazy skies and twillght skies all change the tone and color of the landscape.

With the popularity of “plein aire” or outdoor painting artists are more than ever concerned with skies, atmosphere and weather conditions and how they effect the light and color of the natural world. Nichols Galleries is exhibiting paintings that concentrate on skies during February and March by artists including Ron Boehmer, David Wissler, Gray Dodson and Frederick Nichols.


Small Works Show

December 1st - January 28th

This December and January, Nichols Gallery Annex will feature a Small Works show by regional artists. The value of a small painting or print is its intimate scale, that is the viewing on a one on one scale is personal and enriching. An entire world can be experienced within a small footprint. A small work can hang in any surrounding without conflict. The artist also is more free to experiment and discover new approaches without the burden of expansive materials and time. Many “plein aire” paintings are done on a small scale to be able to quickly capture the movement of light in the outdoors. Works by Ron Boehmer, Tom Tartaglino, Jane Larew, and others.

The Small Works Show will be on exhibit from December 1sth through January 28th. Nichols Galleries are located at 5420 Governor Barbour Street in Barboursville. The Galleries are open Thursday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm, and by chance or appointment.


Celebrating the Landscape

October 5th - November 25th

The recent eclipse was a reminder that nature still holds mysteries, and an interest that is unending and inspiring.

For their forty year anniversary, Nichols Gallery in Barboursville is hosting a “Celebration of the Landscape,” featuring paintings and original prints by artists whose work is inspired by nature.

A landscape painting can evoke a visual experience that we have had of a certain place, at a certain time of year and time of day. The painting then becomes a pathway to seeing anew, what surrounds us.

The exhibition will include wilderness, pastoral, urban, imaginary, and plein-air landscapes by fifteen Regional and National artists including, including Gray Dodson, Greg Hennen, Pattee Hipshen, Rob Browning, and Tom Tartaglino. In addition, Frederick Nichols Studio will be open for tours Saturday and Sunday afternoons during the exhibition.

Nichols Galleries are located at 5420 Governor Barbour Street in Barboursville. Nichols Galleries are open Thursday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm, and by chance or appointment.

For more information call 540-832-3565 or visit our website at www.frednichols.com

Art About Light and Color

August & September, 2017

In the nineteenth century artists first became aware of how we perceive color and light due to the studies of Chevreul and other scientists. These discoveries along with the development of new pigments and photography greatly influenced the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists in their break-away experiments with painting the natural world.

The exhibition will explore how artists today use the elements of light and color to enhance our visual senses. Rob Browning uses the richness of color and contrast to make us aware of another world, Frederick Nichols pushes the intensity of color and light to create a deeper reality and Ron Boehmer tackles the atmospheric qualities of the softness of light.


Flowers in Art

Feb 10th - March 26th

Something about Flowers has always captured the imagination of artists. Because you are dealing with color, form, and abstraction, the subject of flowers provides the artist a connection between the creativity of nature and of art.

During February and March, Nichols Gallery Annex is presenting "Flowers in Art," a group show featuring Paintings, Watercolors, and Original prints by artists who find inspiration in the natural world.

Small Works Show

December 1st - January 8th

Small works are often a challenge for artists. How do you create an intimate work that includes all the information you want to convey? A small format can be useful for studies for larger works, but the objective is to create a more monumental sense of scale and to capture the viewer's attention and imagination .

"Celebrating Prints"

October 8th through November 27th

The words “prints” and “printmaking” are used loosely to refer to many different forms of art. Original prints are those that the artist creates using traditional and digital techniques as stand-alone works, not as a reproduction of something else. Processes such as woodcut printing, etching, lithography and silkscreen are traditional methods of creating prints. They can be used alone or in combination with other media. Many of these techniques have roots in book making and industry, but have been supplanted by digital processes.

Over the course of the exhibit, artists will be demonstrating their takes on this diverse form of expression. This is an excellent opportunity to see how techniques that have been left behind by industry in favor of newer, faster technologies are being repurposed into rich and nuanced works of art.

Digital Collage
20" x 20"
by McCrea Snyder Kudravetz

Etching with watercolor wash
4" x 10"
by Tom Tartaglino

"Old Germany"
Three plate color etching
18" x 19"
by Elizabeth Peak

"From the Mountains to the Shore"

August 4th - September 30th

From the Mountains to the Shore, paintings by Virginia artists who study and explore the topographical landscape from the mountains and canyons of the Blue Ridge, to the flat beaches and swamps of the tidewater. The relationship between earth, sky, and water, is the fundamental subject of the landscape artist. This abstract intersection can be seen in the paintings of beaches and mountains by Tom Tartaglino, the bayous and rivers by Frederick Nichols, and the streams and skies of Gray Dodson. through September 25th.

"Live Oaks Salve"
oil on canvas
20" x 49"
by Tom Tartaglino

"Big Sky"
24" x 30"
by Gray Dodson

"Bayou Laffite"
18" x 27"
by Fred Nichols

"Water & Reflections"

April & May, 2016

For Centuries, artists have been inspired by water and its' reflective qualities. This Spring, Nichols Gallery Annex is featuring the work of Three Virginia Artists, Steve Griffin, Steven Wolf, and Carlysle Vicenti, whose work is inspired by water in the natural environment.

Steve Griffin began his fascination with water early in his art career when he decided to quit painting and go fishing. After several days of staring at a bobber floating in the water, while catching few fish, he returned to the studio and began his first series of bobber watercolors. Movement and reflections in water became a theme in his 40 year career as an artist.

While a student at VCU in the mid1980’s, Carlysle Vicenti became interested in using a a rubber roller to spread to apply layers of color and texture to a design etched on a printing plate. After printing the image on paper, there was always an image on the roller as well, and these images he rolled on paper to create monoprints, a technique that became the foundation of his work, with a focus on light and water.

Streams and Rivers are a major source of inspiration for Steven Wolf. He considers himself both an abstract and realist painter, sometimes working close to the canvas, focusing on color and shapes in the scene before him; other times standing back to the painting “come together in a realistic way. "In the end," says Wolf, "it is Nature which is the initial inspiration and impetus for creation."

"Water & Reflections" will be on exhibit at Nichols Gallery Annex April 16th through June 5th. Located at 5420 Governor Barbour Street, Barboursville, Nichols Galleries are open seven days a week by chance or appointment and Thursday through Sunday 11 to 5. For more information, call 540-832-3563 or visit our website at www.frednichols.com.

13" x 13"
by Steve Griffin

Budding Willow
24" x 14"
By Carlysle Vicenti

Looking Upstream
15" x 22"
by Steve Wolf


February 11th - March 27th

"The medium of watercolor has special qualities which allow artists to create more spontaneous and accidental effects that are unavailable with other paints. A transparent medium, watercolor depends on the character of the paperto give a luminous quality. Washed and blending, and layers and drips are all techniques which work particularly well with watercolor."

- Fred Nichols

Rapidan Pool
36" x 48"

Spring Sentinels
12" x 12"

Highland Country
22" x 29"

Oil painters and printmakers are often drawn to the medium of watercolor for its transparency, spontaneity, and accidental nature. And for landscape painters, the portability of the materials is a plus.

Frederick Nichols often uses watercolors as studies for his oil paintings and silkscreen prints. Some of the studies are being shown for the first time. Nichols uses India Ink with his watercolors to contrast and intensify the colors, thus creating a stained glass window effect. A graduate of the University of Virginia and Pratt Institute, Nichols’ work has been exhibited internationally and is included in numerous corporate and public collections, including AT&T, The Mississippi of Art, and the Osaka Cultural Center in Japan. A retrospective of his work, "40 Years in the Blue Ridge," was recently exhibited at the Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio.

Maruta Recenis’ watercolors are often imagined landscapes done with minimal, seemingly effortless gestures. Every brushstroke is essential to the overall effect, but at the same time retains the painterly quality of the washes. She manages to achieve fascinating results from the interaction of the water, the pigments and the paper. Racenis holds degrees in Art from Suny College and the Rochester Institute of Technology, and has been an Instructor of Art at VCU and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Her work can also be found in many corporate and public collections, including Capital One Bank and Owens and Minor in Richmond, and the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY.


Summer is the season of travel. During July and August, Nichols Gallery Annex will feature "Summer Escapes," an exhibition of paintings, photographs, and original prints by regional artists that evoke memories of vacations past, and remind us of places we have been or want to go. From the atmospheric landscapes of Baltimore artist Philip Koch, who has spent many summers as an artist in residence at Edward Hopper's Cape Cod Studio, to Scenes of the Outer Banks by Tom Tartaglino, to the Conversational Portraits by area artist Pat Cook, whose work was recently exhibited in China, the show offers a visual summer vacation. "Summer Escapes" will be on exhibit through August 30th.

Including work by:

Philip Koch
Tom Tartaglino
Pat Cook

Flowers in Art

Paintings, Photographs, Original Prints by Gray Dodson, Margaret Embree, McCrea Snyder Kudravetz, Robert Llewellyn, John and Lena Murray, and Frederick Nichols

May & June, 2015

Well-known as symbols of romance and the renewal of life, flowers are also inspiration to artists for the study of color in nature. Flowers embody texture, light, and shadow and are often included in still life's as well as landscapes. After a long and cold Winter, Spring gives us a much appreciated pageant of color and fragrance in the form of flowers.

"The Urban Landscape"

Featuring paintings by ten Regional artists, including Rob Browning, Richard Crozier, Margaret Embree, Frank Hobbs, Philip Koch, and Tom Tartaglino, will be on exhibit at Nichols Gallery Annex from February 21st through March 29th. From formal gardens to abandoned factories, these artists find inspiration and beauty in the ever-changingman-made environment.

"A Celebration of the Landscape"

Featuring paintings and original prints by twenty regional and national artists

October and November 2014

The Figure

Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture by John & Lena Murray, Pat Cook, and Thomas Marsh

August and September 2014

Riverscapes & Reflections

by Steve Griffin, Tom Tartaglino, John Hughes, Gray Dodson, Frank Hobbs, Frederick Nichols, and Maruta Racenis.

June 6th through July 27th

Knipe and Wissler Show

April and May

"Inspired by Nature; Real Art for an Unreal time"

October 4th through December 2nd
A group show

Small Works

August 2nd - September 30th
Over 20 regional artists

New Work by Frank Hobbs

June 24, 2013

“Vestiges," a new series of landscape paintings with structural remnants from the industrial era, by Frank Hobbs, will be on exhibit at the Annex through September. A Virginia native, Hobbs frequently spends summers painting in Italy. Paintings from that series will be on exhibit as well. Hobbs is currently Professor of Art at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio.


March 17th - May 27th 2012
Paintings by Ron Boehmer, Rob Browning, and Tom Tartaglino.

Fall Show: Hennen, Koch and Vicenti

curated by Beth Nichols
September 15 through October 30

Spring Show: Cook, Hughes and Whitlock

curated by Beth Nichols
April 2 through May 29

"Into the Mountains"

curated by Beth Nichols
February and March 2011

"Three Realists"

curated by Beth Nichols
October 1 - November 28, 2010


curated by Beth Nichols
August 7 - September 26, 2010

"Houses" by four Virginia artists, Ron Boehmer, Rob Browning, Margaret Embree, and Gray Dodson

curated by Beth Nichols
March 17 - May 31, 2010

"Spring in February: Figures, Flowers, and Landscapes at Nichols Gallery Annex"

March 14th

"Just Landscapes?” by Jim Condron, Greg Hennen, Ron Boehmer and others

October 1st – January 3, 2009

"Small Works Show” by Jim Condron, Greg Hennen, Priscilla Whitlock, and others

Aug 6th – Sept 27, 2009

"Art About Color, from Abstract to Real”

March 12th through May 17th

The exhibition will explore the many ways in which contemporary artists use color in their work.  Steve Griffin describes his large abstract “Strata” paintings as including “all of the traditional visual elements of composition, shape, texture and color.  Of these- color is the single most important element.

"Scenes of the Piedmont"

curated by Beth Nichols

October 23rd through Dec 31st

“Scenes of the Piedmont,”  paintings, prints, and photographs by artists whose work is inspired by the landscape of our area,  will be on exhibit at Nichols Gallery Annex in Barboursville October 16th through January 4th.   From Real to Sublime, the exhibition features paintings depicting scenes of everyday life, along with majestic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Among the exhibiting artists are:  Nancy Bass, Ron Boehmer, Richard Crozier, Gray Dodson, Durwood Dommisse,  Frank Hobbs,  Frederick Nichols, Lindsay Nolting, Tom Tartaglino, Priscilla Whitlock and Steven Wolf.  Exhibiting in the gallery for the first time are well known area photographer, Robert Llewellyn, and Roland Golden, a nationally recognized Lousiana artist who has spent much time painting in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. 

"Great Works from Small Places; Four Fluvanna Painters"

Rob Browning, John Hughes, Lindsay Nolting, and Tom Tartaglino
curated by Beth Nichols

September 11th - October 26th

Artists often seek out small towns and rural places to live and produce their work.   While the solitude and environment can be good for their art, they often miss the stimulation of the art communities in the city.  It was the need to share the cost of a live model that brought these four artists together to draw, and by forming a casual art group, they merged the best of both worlds. 

"Celebrating Summer"

curated by Beth Nichols
June 19th - August 17th, 2008
Nichols Gallery Annex

"Interpretations of the James"

curated by Beth Nichols
July 31st - September 7th, 2007, This Century Gallery , Williamsburg
November 11th - December 29th, 2007, Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, VA

Intrepretations of the James,an exhibition of works by twelve Virginia artists who have spent much of their careers studying the environs of Virginia´s Rivers, traveled through State Art Centers during 2007.


by Virginia Artists
October 4 - December 2, 2007

From Durwood Dommisse’s classical painting, “River Bend,” to Lindsay Nolting’s expressionistic painting, "Traviolta," the show presents the numerous ways contemporary Virginia artists respond to our rivers.

Other exhibiting artists include Ron Boehmer, Richard Crozier, Gray Dodson, Tom Hale, Frank Hobbs, Rod Marshall-Roth, Frederick Nichols, Maruta Racenis, Tom Tartaglino, Priscilla Whitlock, and Steven Wolfe.

Frederick Nichols Studio and Nichols Gallery Annex are located near the intersection of Routes 20 & 33 in Barboursville. Hours are Thursday through Sunday, 11am to 5pm, and by chance or appointment. For information call 540-832-3565.